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A Message From the Manager - August 2016

Hello good citizens,

Hope all of you are doing well, especially during a time of storms and sweltering temperatures outside. Please be careful and be on alert for those that might need assistance based upon the mentioned conditions.

Today I come to you with a heavy heart due to the recent nationwide shootings that are law enforcement related. The senseless loss of life is very saddening and I can only pray that those who are affected will be delivered into a state of peace.

Since the City of Mount Holly provides law and enforcement services to our citizens I would like to speak to you about our predicament, as opposed to judging other jurisdictions. It is important that our citizens understand that despite the negativity that exist nationwide, we will continue to handle our business of protecting and serving our public.

Please know that I personally hired current Police Chief Don Roper three years ago. Chief Roper demonstrated the skills needed to not only oversee the operations of our Police Department, he possessed a propensity to establish measures that have elevated the service level of the employees within the department. The employees in the department have collectively bought into the ideology of Chief Roper as manifested in their work ethic. I am very proud of our police personnel, who take their jobs very seriously and is very sensitive to the public's trust in what they do.

Please know that although it is very tragic when thoughts turn to what is going on nationwide, I want our citizens to know that they can have confidence in our Police Department when it comes to invoking customer service and garnering public trust. The city's officers are provided extensive training on a routine basis and will continue to uphold their sworn duty to carry out the laws of our State.

Recently, a filmmaker was shooting a segment of his movie in Mount Holly. This person not being from Mount Holly spoke glowingly about how nice the people were in Mount Holly. He took the time to send me a message because that's how moved he was during his interaction with people. The filmmaker stated that he was going to give thanks to Mount Holly as a part of the movie credits.

This is important because I have on many occasions spoke about how great our citizens are and how it leads to making Mount Holly a great place to live, work and play. It's nice to hear that from an outside source. The outpouring support given by the public to our Police Department has been outstanding, another testament of the character of our citizens.

In conclusion, I want you to know that no matter how bad or tragic things are nationwide we will continue to work hard at upholding the public trust and take care of our community, which is what our citizens deserve.

Thank you for allowing me to communicate with you about what goes on in the City of Mount Holly. Hope all you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

— Danny Jackson, City Manager

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