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A Message From the Manager - July 2016

Hello good citizens,

Here's hoping you all are doing well and coping with the heat of the summer. If you have any elderly neighbors and friends please check on them for safety and security reasons. I'm sure they will appreciate your kindness and concern.

I'm not exactly sure when you will receive this newsletter due to the obvious mailing process involved. However, I do know that it will be close to the actual 4th of July Holiday. It is that time of the year when we celebrate Independence Day in our country.

I recently had a conversation with one of our citizens about a very sensitive subject especially during this time of the year. I won't mention the citizen's name because I don't have permission to do so and I want to be respectful of such.

I was contacted about the relatively new 4th of July Ceremony held by the City of Mount Holly. The conversation was primarily positive, given the fact that the focus was on the implication of a community event enjoyed by all.

The sensitive part of the conversation involved the effect of the noise from the fireworks and other similar type materials. More specifically, the citizen and I discussed the noise effect as it relates to veterans that might have served in combat in our country's honor. The booming sound can be a reminder of the artillery used in combat.

The citizen stated that he actually met a veteran in Mount Holly who was physically handicapped and thanked him for his military service. The subject of the fireworks ceremony came up in their conversation, in which both stated that the city's fireworks were mostly fine but the larger fireworks and other materials used by others were not only illegal but more damaging to the ears due to the noise level.

The City of Mount Holly does not engage in the use of illegal fireworks and we employ the use of a professional to display the fireworks during the ceremony. If the fireworks are shot from areas outside of the city limits the City of Mount Holly does not have the legal authority to enforce its laws in those areas. Fireworks displays are a common practice during the 4th of July Holiday and it is our hope that we can enjoy them with the minimization of negativity.

As always, thank you for allowing me to inform you about things in the City of Mount Holly. Have a great month of July and be careful with the heat.

— Danny Jackson, City Manager

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