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Public Participation & Involvement

Storm Water Committee (SWC) Charter


The Storm Water Committee is a citizen organization formed to support good water quality practices by promoting education and awareness of the citizens and the local businesses about storm water runoff and protecting our streams and the Catawba River. The Storm Water Committee encourages the local government to invest in infrastructure and storm water management improvements that will benefit safety and environmental quality.

  • The Committee is an advisory committee.
  • The Committee will become knowledgeable on stormwater regulations so that effective communications can be maintained with the citizens, local businesses and local government.
  • The Committee will work with City Council and staff to advise on storm water issues as appropriate or as requested.
  • The Committee will work with the local government to develop a ranking system for storm water projects. The purpose of this system shall be to determine which projects give the most benefit to the citizens for the amount of dollars expended.
  • The Committee will institute educational measures for Mount Holly residents and property owners on storm water management which is part of the City of Mount Holly
  • Storm Water Management Program and will become a focal point for storm water related information on items such as ponds, clean water, habitat and pollution.

The City of Mount Holly Storm Water Committee will be composed of at least four residents appointed by the Mayor and a City of Mount Holly staff member. A Chairman will be selected by the members.


The City of Mount Holly Storm Water Committee will report to City Council.


Committee members will serve staggered three year terms.  The Mayor has the authority to reappoint members upon their voluntary request and consent to continue to serve. The Chair shall serve a term not to exceed two years.


You can help prevent water pollution by volunteering to apply drain markers to storm drains in your neighborhood.

Consider adopting a stream to keep trash out of our creeks.

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