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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a car considered to be a Nuisance Motor Vehicle?

A vehicle on public or private property that is determined and declared to be a health or safety hazard, a public nuisance, and unlawful, including a vehicle found to be: A breeding ground or harbor for mosquitoes, other insects, rats or other pests; or

  • A point of heavy growth of weeds or other noxious vegetation over eight (8) inches in height; or
  • A point of collection of pools or ponds of water; or
  • A point of concentration of quantities or gasoline, oil or other flammable or explosive materials as evidenced by odor; or
  • One which has areas of confinement which cannot be operated from the inside, such as trucks, hoods, etc.; or
  • So situated or located that there is a danger of it falling or turning over; or
  • One which is a point of collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste, or other rotten or putrescible matter of any kind; or
  • One which has sharp parts which are jagged or contain sharp edges of metal, glass, or other rigid materials; or
  • One which creates any circumstances which expose the general public to a safety or health hazard; or
  • Any other vehicle specifically declared a health safety hazard and a public nuisance by the City Council.
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Does the City of Mount Holly enforce Minimum Housing regulations?

The City of Mount Holly Code Enforcement Division does enforce Minimum Housing regulations.  Please refer to the Minimum Housing section on the Code Enforcement page for more information.

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Who do I call for animal control?

Contact Gaston County Animal Control by telephone at 704-922-8677 or 704-922-8678 during normal business hours (8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday).  For Emergency Calls or Other hours Calls, the Department may be reached at 704-866-3300.  Visit the Gaston County Animal Control for more information.

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Who do I contact for Code Enforcement Issues?

Visit the Code Enforcement page of this website for current personnel contact information. (Contacts located at bottom of page.)

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Is the accumulation of garbage, rubbish, refuse items on the premises of a property a violation?

A person my not store garbage, rubbish, refuse items, which includes household items, such as furniture, in the open air outside of their home per Chapter 8 of the City Code.

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When are weeds/grass considered too high?

The uncontrolled growth of weeds, grass or vines, to a height of twelve (12) inches or more within one hundred (100) feet of any residence or business is considered a violation of Chapter 8 of the City Code.

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Can I keep livestock at my home?

Per Chapter 3 of the City Code, no person shall keep or maintain any cows, horses, goats, sheep or fowl within five hundred (500) feet of any street or residence, other than the residence of the owner of such animal. The City of Mount Holly does not enforce this regulation in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

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What constitutes a “public nuisance”?

A public nuisance can be classified to be the uncontrolled growth of grass; accumulation of animals or vegetable matter that is offensive by virtue of odor or vapors or which is inhabited by rodents, snakes, or vermin of any kind; open wells; an accumulation of stagnant water; or any condition detrimental to the public health, which violates the rules and regulations promulgated by the State of North Carolina or the Federal government.

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Is a car without current tags considered a junked vehicle?

A vehicle is considered "junked" if it does not display a current license plate lawfully and that: (1) Is partially dismantled or wrecked; or (2) Cannot be sold-propelled or moved in a manner in which it originally was intended to move; or (3) Is more than five (5) years old and appears to be worth less than $500.

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