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Apr 28, 2014

Council Work Session Meeting

The City of Mount Holly City Council will hold a Council Work Session Meeting on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at the Mount Holly Municipal Complex.

Items to be discussed:

  • Call to Order
  • Invocation
  • Set the Agenda


  1. Call for a Public Hearing for Text Amendment to Consider Amending Section 6 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow production of musical instrument components as a Special Use in the B-1 Central Business District

  2. Call for a Public Hearing for a Text Amendment to consider Amending Section 7, Note 16 of the Zoning Ordinance to require location guidelines for safety and require design criteria for new stealth towers in the Light Industrial and Heavy Industrial District


  1. Consideration and Approval of the 2014 Land Development Guidelines      Dave Johnson
  2. Closed Session (pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11 (a) (5and 6))
  3. Adjourn

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