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Jun 08, 2015

City Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 8, Council Chambers. 
City of Mount Holly
Mount Holly City Council Meeting
7:30 pm

Mayor Bryan Hough called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. The following were present:

Mayor Bryan Hough
Danny Jackson, City Manager
Mayor Pro Tem Perry Toomey
Jamie Guffey, Assistant City Manager
Councilman Jerry Bishop
Greg Beal, Planning Director
Councilwoman Carolyn Breyare
Ray Clemmer, Assistant Director of Utilities
Councilman J. Jason Gowen
Ryan Baker, Interim Fire Chief
Councilman Jim Hope -absent
Don Roper, Chief of Police
Councilman David Moore
Dave Johnson, Utilities Director/City Engineer
Kemp Michael, City Attorney
Miles Braswell, Director of Streets and Solid Waste

Councilman Jason Gowen gave the invocation.

Pledge of Allegiance
Boy Scout Troop 59 of the First United Methodist Church in Mount Holly led attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Set the Agenda
With no changes to the agenda, Councilman Gowen made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Councilwoman Breyare seconded the motion. All Council Members present voted in favor. (Motion carried)


  • Approval of Lien for abatement of nuisance grass at 214 Highland Street and 315 Highland Street
  • Approval of Temporary Retail Firework Stand at Rid Aid Parking Lot
  • Appointment of Sandra Walker as the City Tax Collector
  • Approval of Budget Amendment (Powell Bill Fund Projects)
  • Approval of the minutes from the May 11, 2015 Council Meeting
  • Approval of the minutes from the May 18, 2015 Budget Meeting

Councilman Bishop made a motion to approve the consent agenda. Councilwoman Breyare seconded the motion. All Council Members present voted in favor. (Motion carried)


  • Presentation and Special Recognition by the Springfest Committee
    Springfest Chair Cheri Love came before the City Council to thank everyone that helped her with Springfest. She also presented the CRO with a check for $6000 from the process of Springfest. Lanny Ray with the CRO accepted the donation check and thanked the City for the generosity. At this time Mayor Hough personally thanked Ms. Love for a job well done and also thanked the CRO for what they do within the community. Mayor Hough also recognized Heather Oplinger for her help with Springfest not only this year but the past years as well.

  • Presentation from Gaston Youth Connected see handout
    Carrie Meier with Gaston Youth Connected came before the City Council to give an update on their program. She advised that in a 2001 survey 90% of parents support their teen being educated about birth control outside the home. To date 5000 young people have been educated thru this program. Report card shows the before and after results. Our office councils with teens between the ages 12 to 19 yrs. 98% of the teens that received service were satisfied. Gaston County is # 1 in NC for providing education on teen pregnancy, because of the education provided the county has decreased teen pregnancy by 37 %. Providing these services has saved Gaston County $6.5 million. Mayor Hough thanked Ms. Meier for coming before the Council and was very impressed with the results.

  • Presentation and Recognition of the Truck Wrap Contest
    Mr. Braswell advised that the city recently purchased a new recycle truck and he had the idea to involve the community. After a discussion and approval of the city manager, we involved the local elementary schools in a art contest. The contest was presented to the students to draw what recycling meant to them. A drawing would be picked and used as a wrap on the new truck. Over 1500 drawings were submitted. The top five from each grade at each school was selected by the art teachers. A committee from the City selected the winner. Gwen Campau a 5th grader at Ida Rankin was selected as the winner. Her name will appear on the truck.

    Image 360, the company doing the work contacted 3M and arranged for the materials to be donated. Mayor Hough commented that maybe we can take Gwen on the 1st ride in the newly wrapped truck. Councilwoman Breyare stated that maybe Gwen could ride in the Christmas parade in the recycle truck.

  • Swearing in of Deputy Fire Chief Craig Spry—postponed until the July meeting.

  • Briefing on the visit by the Western Kentucky University Graduate Students from the United Arab Emirates to Mount Holly
    Chief Roper commented that on May 27th Mount Holly hosted a group of students from the United Arab Emirates. These students are enrolled in a Graduate Program at Western Kentucky University and were escorted by Shannon Vaughan. Their country is the 7th largest oil holder in the world. Chief Roper joked of their police force driving Porches' and Lamborghinis.

    The students participating in this program are interested in government. Chief Roper advised that he introduced city staff and guest speakers. They were greeted by the City Manager. Sherriff Alan Cloninger, District Attorney Locke Bell and District Court Judge Pennie Thrower discussed the Judicial Process. City Staff headed up the discussion of local government, Jamie Guffey spoke about Finance, Miles Braswell discussed Economic Development and about the Streets and Solid Waste Department, Dave Johnson spoke of engineering and about the Utilities Department and Ryan Baker discussed the Fire Department and emergencies service.
    Julie Roper from PSNC discussed the private industry side. Chief Roper stated that they offered several gifts and were very gracious guest. The Chief said he applauded how staff represented our city. Councilman Bishop asked how Mount Holly was chosen to host these students. Chief Roper stated that we were chosen by Shannon Vaughan.

  • Presentation of the funds raised by the Students at Ida Rankin during the Memorial Day Kids Parade for Donation to a Veteran's Charity Organization
    Grace Michael presented a check for The Wounded Warriors Project in the amount of $1133.92. The students from Ida Rankin collected pennies during the Memorial Day Kids Parade.

Public Hearing on the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Budget and Fee Schedule
Councilwoman Breyare made a motion to enter into the Public Hearing on the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Budget and Fee Schedule. Councilman Bishop seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor.

Mr. Jackson presented the Council with a balanced budget. He advised that the tax rate will remain at 0.53. The budget includes a 3% COLA for employees, four (4) new police cars, and Parks and Recreation studies. Mr. Jackson advised that there is not increase in the utility rates. There is one new position, a Site Inspector, and the Utility Department will be adding an additional north tank pump and transfer switch for the generator, replace one of their trucks and will be running water and sewer lines to the new Fire Department which will be paid for out of system development fees.
Mr. Jackson recognized his staff and gave credit where credit was due. Mayor Hough thanked Mr. Jackson and the Staff for a job well done.

With no one signed up to speak, Councilwoman Breyare made a motion to close the public hearing and return to open session. Councilman Gowen seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor. (Motion carried)
At this time, Councilman Moore made a motion to approve the 2015-2016 fiscal year budget and fee schedule (resolution # 06082015a) Councilwoman Breyare seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Three (3) Minute Limit
There was no one signed up to speak at public comment.

Consideration and Approval of rezoning approximately 45 acres of Kendrick Farms, Phase 4 with 83 lots remaining to conditional district zoning

Mr. Wilson advised that at the May public hearing it was the consensus of the Council to leave the consideration open for discussion among Staff and the Developer. Since that meeting Staff has worked out an agreement with the developer
Councilman Gowen asked if staff is satisfied and comfortable with the agreement. Mr. Wilson stated that staff has required the recreation sites be completed prior to the new homes being built. The developer has agreed to these terms and staff feels comfortable with the agreement.

Councilman Gowen made a motion to approve Kendrick Farm Subdivision Phase 4 (Resolution #06082015b) Councilman Bishop seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-1 with Mayor Pro Tem Toomey opposing.

Consideration and Approval of the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Budget Ordinance and Fee Schedule
Council voted on the budget after the public hearing.

With no additional items for discussion, Mayor Hough entertained a motion to adjourn. Councilman Bishop made the motion to adjourn the June 8, 2015 Council Meeting. Councilman Gowen seconded the motion. All Council members present voted in favor. (Motion carried)

The meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.

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