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Mar 01, 2016

A Message From the Manager - March 2016

Hello citizens,

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the truck traffic/road condition issue on Highway 273 (North Main Street) in the area primarily between Nims Avenue and Lanier Avenue. The road condition (potholes) is primarily geared towards the area just mentioned but the truck traffic issue involves Highway 273 in general.

Obviously, those that are most concerned and impacted by the issue either live in the area or use the road to get to other destinations on a regular basis. Please know that for the record, I use the same road a minimum of four times a day and understand full well why people are concerned and upset.

My objective today is take this opportunity to provide information to those that might not be fully aware of the circumstances involved with the matter. I do believe that once people are faced with a given amount of quality information they can still draw their own conclusion. It's not my place to judge anyone on how they feel.

Please know that the road in question is not a city maintained or owned road; it is that of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The City of Mount Holly has an interest in the matter because the road is located in the city's jurisdiction and affects our citizens. Beginning with city staff and culminating with the City Council, an expressed desire to address the concerns with the road has been demonstrated but not always stated or acknowledged.

To be frank, I am concerned that there might be an existing sentiment that the City of Mount Holly has not done anything about the matter nor does it care. Please believe that nothing could be further from the truth. City staff, including myself, acted on the matter when it first came to our attention. We met and spoke with citizens about their concern, developed strategies to approach the matter and even spoke with other stakeholders in the matter. The matter came before the City Council for discussion during the latter part of last year. The primary stakeholders were in attendance, which included NCDOT, who had a representative (Gary Spangler) speak to the specifics of the matter.

The byproduct of the situation is that citizens want the road repaired tremendously and have the heavy trucks rerouted or restricted from using Highway 273 in the area of residential development. Given that I live in the mentioned area, I can see why one would feel that way. However, there is a certain reality that we have to deal with ultimately.

To the best of my knowledge and given the two prong effect of the issue (road condition and truck traffic) the road repair will be addressed first. Within the road repair it is my understanding that NCDOT will assess the true condition of the road to see if it only needs to be resurfaced or severely repaired to a greater depth. Therefore, if that is the case the pothole issue will be addressed. According to NCDOT the road repair work will begin this year during the latter part of the summer.

The rerouting of the trucks is a far more detailed and intricate matter. First of all and for the record, the City of Mount Holly does not have the authority to reroute the trucks in question. We have made stakeholders aware of the concerns expressed by our citizens and have asked for any assistance that they can lend. Furthermore, it is my understanding that there are state laws that speak to the restriction of truck traffic on roads that are designated for truck traffic. Therefore, Highway 273 would have to be changed in a way that trucks would not be able to use any portion of it. Obviously, that would be under the jurisdiction of NCDOT.

To get more information about the truck traffic issue please visit the following links found on the website of NCDOT:

The above links will give you details about the restriction of truck traffic as it relates to state law. I hope you will see that the City of Mount Holly has put forth an effort to address the matter under the circumstances and that there are laws governing the matter beyond the city's authority.

Thank you all for your consideration and understanding of the city's position in the matter. We are hopeful that NCDOT will repair the road as intended. Have a wonderful month of March. 

Danny Jackson, City Manager

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