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Jul 11, 2017

City Council Work Session Minutes - May 22nd, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017
Council Chambers
6:30 pm

Call to Order
Mayor Hough called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The following were present:

Mayor Bryan Hough
Danny Jackson, City Manager
Mayor Pro Tem, David Moore
Miles Braswell, Assistant City Manager
Councilman Jerry Bishop
David Johnson, City Engineer/ Director of Utilities
Councilman Jim Hope
Ryan Baker, Fire Chief
Councilman Perry Toomey
Mark Jusko, Recreation Supervisor
Councilman Jeff Meadows
Councilwoman Carolyn Breyare
Don Roper, Police Chief
Attorney Kemp Michael
Greg Beal, Planning Director
Africa Otis, Finance Officer

Mayor Pro Tem David Moore led the Council, staff and attendees in prayer.

With no changes to the agenda, Councilwoman Breyare made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor. (Motion carried)


  1. Budget Amendment
    • Transfer Funds from the General Fund to the Police Department Budget to purchase speed monitoring equipment (until the Crime Commission Grant is Received)
  2. Call for a Public Hearing regarding a request by C2 Design Development for a rezoning and annexation of Tax Parcel ID# 202122, 225889, 199264 and 181214 from R-12 Single Family to Single Family Conditional District and Tax Parcel ID# 181227, 180092 and 202690 from R-1 Gaston County to Single Family Conditional District
  3. Approval of the Resolution Directing the Clerk to investigate the Annexation Petitions of the Property located at Tax Parcel ID #s 199264, 225889, 202122, 202690, 181227, 181214, and 180092, approval of the Certificates of Sufficiency of the annexation petition and approval of a resolution to call for a public hearing on the annexation of the property in the petitions

    Councilman Bishop made a motion to approve the consent agenda Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion. All Council Members present voted in favor. (Motion carried)


  1. Consideration and Approval of Business Incentive Grant Application for 107 West Fine Art Studios (Gallery) and 107 West Fine Art and Studios (Studios, 2nd Floor)

    Mr. Beal advised that the Incentive Review Committee met last week to review the applicant details. He advised that this is a full scale rehab project. The applicant, Ms. Andress, intends to open an art gallery in the 1st floor and an art studio on the 2nd floor. Since these are two separate businesses the Committee treated them as separate applications. Therefore the Committee decided to recommend the maximum amount allowed by the Business Incentive Grant Guidelines of $15,000 for each project. Councilman Toomey made a motion to approve the Business Incentive Grant in the amount of $15000 for the art gallery and $15,000 for the art studio. Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor. (Motion carried)

    There was some continued discussion regarding the grant and funding process.
  2. Discussion of a Proposal with Gaston County for Tax Collection
    The Gaston County Tax Collector, Jimmy Taylor, came before the City Council to propose the County take over the Tax Collection responsibilities for the City. He advised that Mount Holly is the only municipality in Gaston County that collects their own taxes. He explained that the County would be responsible for all aspects of the process. Mr. Taylor advised that the county offers several different payment options for our citizens. Mr. Taylor estimated that it would cost the city approximately $27000 to $30000 for the county to collect our taxes. There were questions from Council regarding the salary amount of the City Tax Collector Position that is currently open. Mr. Jackson advised that management staff will review the recommendation and bring it back to council during the budget process.
  3. Discussion of the 2017-2018 Proposed Fiscal Year Budget
    Mr. Jackson advised that the Council was given a balance budget at the May regular meeting. He advised that Ms. Otis and Mr. Braswell will be covering the highlights of the budget. Ms. Otis advised that there is no change in the tax rate. She advised that the General Fund Budget is at $10.8 million. Mr. Braswell touched on the budget highlights and advised that there is a 3% COLA for employees in the budget. New positions included in the balanced budget are as follows: HR Tech, Accounting Finance Tech, Garage Tech, Part-time CSI Investigator, Utilities/Engineer Manager and turning a part-time with benefits position into a fulltime position in the Parks and Recreation Dept. Council asked for a brief description of each position. Mr. Braswell commented that the City hasn't gotten the final numbers for the employee health insurance. Preliminary numbers show an increase of 24%. He added that included in the budget is an increase from 25% to 50% to cover the cost of employee dependent health insurance coverage.
  4. Closed Session - pursuant to N.C.G.S 143-318.11 (a)(3 and 6)
    Councilman Bishop made a motion to enter into Closed Session - pursuant to N.C.G.S 143-318.11 (a)(3 and 6). Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion. All Council Members voted in favor. (Motion carried)
    The time was 7:26 pm

    Mayor Pro Tem Moore made a motion to return to open session. Councilman Hope seconded the motion. All Council Member voted in favor. (Motion carried)

    The time was 8:56 p.m.

    At this time, Mayor Hough advised that no action was taken in closed session.

With no additional items for discussion, Mayor Hough entertained a motion to adjourn. Councilman Hope made the motion to adjourn the May 22, 2017 Council Work Session Meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion. All Council members present voted in favor. (Motion carried)
The meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

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