Recycling Fee Adjustment

Jul 30, 2018

Recycling Fee Adjustment

Mount Holly Citizens to Expect Recycling Fee Adjustment in August Water Bill

Mount Holly, NC – Mount Holly citizens will see an increase in their recycling fee in the next water bill, due to a change in the national recycling market that affected the cost
structure of Republic Services, the company receiving the recycling materials collected by the Mount Holly Streets and Solid Waste Department. Disposing of recycling materials in a landfill is illegal, per State law. In January 2015, the City of Mount Holly initiated recycling collections to be provided by the Streets and Solid
Waste Department. ReCommunity Holdings (later to be purchased by Republic Services) and the City entered into a contractual agreement for recycling materials
disposal services.

On June 11, 2018, the City received an email from Republic Services with a letter indicating that the agreement, which had previously negotiated a contractual extension
until January 12, 2019, would not extend and would cease on July 11, 2018. The Municipal Services Manager of Republic Services was contacted, and the City received
notification that the recycling market was experiencing changes throughout the country, most specifically, the surrounding Charlotte region. With the recycling market not being as strong as in year's past, Republic will charge a rate, coupled with the City's in-house costs, that exceeds the currently monthly recycling fee of $3.00 per customer. 

During their July Council meeting, the City Council approved that the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Fee Schedule be adjusted to $5.25 per customer to accommodate this increase in recycling disposal fees as well as to accommodate the increase in internal costs associated with in-house collection. The new agreement between Republic Services and the City of Mount Holly is being negotiated and will be a one-year period. City staff made a recommendation to City Council that recycling operations be rebid to recycling vendors/haulers during this one-year agreement timeframe.


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