Council Meeting Minute

Jul 23, 2012

Council Work Session Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 23, 2012. Council Chambers, 6:30 pm.

Call to Order
Mayor Hough called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  The following were present:

Mayor Bryan Hough
Mayor Pro-Tem David Moore
Councilman Jerry Bishop
Councilman Jim Hope
Councilman Perry Toomey
Councilman J. Jason Gowen
Councilwoman  Carolyn Breyare
Attorney Kemp Michael
Danny Jackson, City Manager
Jamie Guffey, Assistant City Manager
David James, Interim Police Chief
Dale Oplinger, Fire Chief
James Friday, Director of Utilities
Mike Santmire, Director of Streets and Solid Waste
Ed Smith, Director of Parks & Recreation
Greg Beal, Director of Planning and Development

Mayor Pro Tem Moore led the Council, staff and attendees in prayer.

Set the Agenda
Mayor Hough advised that Item #1 regarding the Linear Park needs to be removed from the agenda.  Councilman Gowen made a motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Councilman Bishop seconded the motion.  All Council Members voted in favor.  Motion carried.

  1. Award Bid for Street and Sidewalk Construction for the CDBG Project
    Councilman Gowen made a motion to award the bid for the street and sidewalk construction for the CDBG project to Bell Construction in the amount of $211,548.80.  Councilman Bishop seconded the motion.  All Council Members present voted in favor.  Motion carried.
  2. Presentation of the Tourism Development Authority Update
    Wendy Foster, Phillip Butts and Rodney Williams were present to update the Council on the Tourism Development Authority projects.  They advised that their vision is to introduce Mount Holly as destination.  They are currently looking into five reasons people should come to Mount Holly.  They also spoke about the billboard campaign, which are located in Spencer, NC, Gaffney, SC and right up the road at the McCadenville exit.  They also spoke about rack cards at visitor centers and the I am Mount Holly project which they wish to have in place before the Democratic National Convention.
  3. Discussion of Request to Sponsor a Disc Jockey for Cruise In
    Ms. Wanda Jordan came before Council to request sponsorship from the City for a disc jockey at the August, September and October Cruise In.  She advised that there has been a large turnout for the past events.  She further advised that there is a special event account that the funds could come from to assist with the sponsorship of the disc jockey.  Ms. Jordan added that they have asked Thyme Fly's to sell drinks and ice cream at the next event.  Councilwoman Breyare suggested asking the downtown businesses for donations to help fund the DJ since it helps promote their business.  The City Council agreed that they could not monetarily support the Cruise In.
  4. Discussion of Kudzu Control
    Mr. Horton advised that at the last meeting Council directed him to come back before them with a recommendation for sites to use goats to control Kudzu.  He further advised that the projects should be scheduled early next summer and suggested the site at Municipal Lane.  The Council suggested the vacant lot at River Street Park as well.  Council agreed to move forward with this issue and revisit early next year.
  5. Discussion of River Street Park Sign Design and Location
    Mr. Smith presented the proposed River Street Park sign design.  He advised that the design of the sign coordinates with the City's Entry Way Signage.  He further advised that the sign will be located to the right of the access road coming into the park north of the service road on the hillside.  Mr. Smith explained that the sign will be paid for with CDBG funds.  There was discussion regarding the type of material the sign will be made of and concerns of possible damage to the sign. Councilman Toomey made a motion to approve the design and location of the River Street Park Sign.  Councilman Gowen seconded the motion.  All Council Members voted in favor.  Motion carried.
  6. Discussion of Mountain Island Charter School Athletics Program competing with Mount Holly Recreation League Teams
    Mr. Smith explained that the Recreation Department has been approached by Mountain Island Charter School regarding participating in our athletic programs.  He advised that the Charter School would pay the same fees to participate as residents and would provide their own uniforms.  Councilman Gowen made a motion to approve.  Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded.  All Council Members voted in favor.  Motion carried.
  7. Discussion of Ongoing City Projects
    1. Future Public Works Facility—no update at this time
    2. North Fire Station—Still in negotiations with the property owner of the proposed property
    3. Waste Treatment Facility—Mr. Friday reported that we do not have a formal proposal and still negotiating the cost for the preliminary engineering.
  8. Approval of Budget Amendments
    Mr. Guffey explained that the proposed budget amendment would book the first payroll run of the 2011 fiscal year back in the appropriate fiscal year.  Councilman Toomey made a motion to approve the budget amendment.  Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion.  All Council Members voted in favor
  9. Consideration and Approval of River Front Sidewalk Proposal
    Mr. Michael advised that Council has what he thought to be the final draft agreement of the Riverfront sidewalk easement.  He commented that as more people have gotten involved with the issue things have gotten more complicated therefore he will review some proposed changes made by the Riverfront HOA and get back with the Council.

    At this time Mayor Hough went around the table. Councilwoman Breyare commented that the new fitness equipment at Tuck Park is great and everyone is very appreciative. Councilman Gowen reported on the CRO board meeting that was held last week. Mayor Pro Tem Moore commented that the Old City Hall has been pressured washed and cleaned up around the outside.  He also commented that a tractor and trailer truck came through town and backed over some of the plantings. Mr. Jackson commented that he has talked to a few of the Council Members regarding an as needed public information officer.  He advised that he will talk to everyone and report back to Council. Mayor Hough commented that he likes the idea of a public information officer.  He added that there are good things that the City is doing that needs to get out to the public.
  10. Adjourn
    With no additional items for discussion, Mayor Hough entertained a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Gowen made the motion to adjourn the July 23, 2012 Council work session meeting.  Mayor Pro Tem Moore seconded the motion.  All members present voted in favor.  (Motion carried)

    The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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