Plan Mount Holly

Plan Mount Holly: A Framework for the Future

The City of Mount Holly is engaging in a coordinated and inclusive process to develop a Land Plan, which will include special consideration for parks and recreation. This process is called Plan Mount Holly. Community planning at its best is fluid and responds incrementally to information identified during the planning process. Likewise, planning is most effective when an integrated approach is applied that considers a variety of issues in tandem and empowers participants to consider the relationship between land use, transportation, the environment, natural and community resources, urban design, and economic vitality.


The overarching goal of Plan Mount Holly is to create a new Land Plan to forecast, direct, and manage growth in a way that helps the City continue to grow into a vibrant, innovative, and inclusive community with:
• Unique and sustainable neighborhoods
• An abundance of first-class arts, cultural, and recreational opportunities
• Well-maintained and cost-effective infrastructure
• Diverse transportation options
• Strong business climate supported by entrepreneurialism

What's next with Plan Mount Holly?

Upcoming Meetings & Activities

  • Steering Committee meetings

  • Theme Committee Work Sessions

  • Public Workshops

  • Survey

  • Board & Commission Meetings



Plan Mount Holly requires efficient communication between the City, the consulting team of Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., stakeholders, community, and agencies. 

Project Contacts

Jonathan Wilson, Planning Project Manager, City of Mount Holly | 

Mark Jusko, Recreation Superintendent, City of Mount Holly |

Jonathan Whitehurst, Project Leadership, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. | 

Kyle Baugh, Project Leadership, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. |

Once Process, Two Plans

Plan Mount Holly is one process resulting in two plans. The Land Plan will provide a comprehensive strategy for aligning future growth with the various elements of the community itself. Concurrently, a Park Plan will provide a blueprint for future investments in parks, recreation, and open space. Through Plan Mount Holly, the Land Plan and Park Plan relate in four important ways.

To learn more about each individual plans, please select one of the following:

planning process

The planning process for the Land Plan and Park Plan will be guided by a joint Steering Committee.  As the overarching plan, the Land Plan will drive the process, which has been organized into four sequential phases. The Park Plan will launch concurrently with the Land Plan and will conclude first so its recommendations can be included as one of the framework plans. 

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