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Placemaking, Arts, and a Healthy Community (Chapter 6)

Mount Holly is emerging as a place where art and creative places are becoming distinctive components of the community's character. The Community Garden and the Farmers Market represent some of the most cherished community assets in Mount Holly. These outstanding examples are amplified with new artist studios, the opening of greenways, and additional public art to be  considered in the future.

The prior recommendations indicate spaces where Mount Holly an continue to foster creative places where public art, studios, maker's spaces, culinary arts, gardening, and unique gathering places are curated to entice residents and visitors to the community, reinforce community pride, and encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. Many of these concepts need not begin as permanent components of the community but rather temporary places where new ideas can flourish.

Moreover, placemaking and the arts co-exist with an overall goal of a healthier community. Creating a healthier community is important in Mount Holly, as evidenced by its medical facilities, long-standing goals for mobility and trails, and its continuing effort to define its unique position in the greater Charlotte region. The goal then emerges that Mount Holly will cultivate an atmosphere where creative places and the arts become a framework to add to an overall healthy place to live.

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