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Downtown and Riverfront Area Plan (Chapter 3)

Investments in downtowns across America mandate the cooperation of the public and private sectors. The very foundation of the 2018 Mount Holly Strategic Vision Plan Update is to provide a basis for the public and private sectors to cooperate in creating building renovations in the core of downtown, new infill development that may happen over time, and large building renovation in key sites outside of downtown that will eventually expand what is thought of as the district.

Each of the recommendations follow a pattern that adheres to the following guidance:

• Wherever possible, private sector investments that are illustrated in the plan were done with the consultation of property owners recognizing that the private sector will be the leading investor in making this plan happen. The time frame of these investments are at the discretion of the property owner.

• Sites where private sector property owners were not consulted should be considered as “recommendations” and does not imply that the public sector will direct or require private sector investment or reinvestment to take place.

• Public sector investments should set the stage for private sector investments.

For example, a public area should be improved with the consideration that it will set the stage for future private sector investment allowing the public dollar to yield a dividend that accrues in enhanced development.

• Recommendations follow basic tenets of design that respect the character of downtown.

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