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Woods and Water District (Chapter 5)

Mount Holly’s 2008 Strategic Vision Plan identified the establishment of a Woods & Water District as a focus area for the City. This district stretches along the Catawba River from Mountain Island Lake to a few blocks north of downtown Mount Holly, and highlights the City’s recreational water and open space assets. Through advancing the vision of the Woods & Waters District, the City continues to highlight its outdoor recreation amenities and commitment to environmental stewardship as well as to promote its image as an active living-friendly city. Key goals of the 2008 Strategic Vision Plan included acquiring and developing the City’s greenways and establishing zoning overlay and design requirements for the Woods & Waters District. The 2018 update to Mount Holly’s Strategic Vision Plan outlines Mount Holly’s focus on strengthening its Woods & Water District. Mount Holly’s commitment to improving connections and increasing outdoor

recreation opportunities throughout the City can enhance the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles for residents and visitors. Mount Holly can continue to emphasize connecting community and nature through identifying and linking open spaces with the City’s greenway network. The City can also continue to develop and publicize a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities provided by parks, greenways, mountain bike trails, blueways, and improved access to the Catawba River. Plentiful and varied outdoor recreation opportunities can also proviade an economic boon to Mount Holly, as outdoor recreation trip-related sales are often generated through gear rentals, food and beverage purchases, and the pursuit of other entertainment and activities in the nearby area. The 2018 update to the Mount Holly Strategic Vision Plan supports a list of recommendations, available by reading the full chapter. 

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