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Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

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In 2012, the City was awarded a matching grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Bicycle and Pedestrian Division. The Plan was adopted in August of 2013, and it identifies infrastructure improvements for pedestrians in Mount Holly. The City is very committed to becoming a pedestrian-friendly community, and beyond physical improvements, the Pedestrian Master Plan outlines policies and programs to help encourage people to walk more often.

The Plan will guide the City of Mount Holly, NCDOT, and other local and regional partners in improving infrastructure for pedestrians in Mount Holly to foster a ‘walking culture’ through related programs and policies.

This Plan has been developed using the “6 E’s” approach with an intent to provide action steps in each arena that each community can take towards becoming more bicycle and pedestrianfriendly. The national Bicycle Friendly Community program and the Walk Friendly Community program recommend a multi-faceted approach based on the following five ‘E’s: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. For the purposes of this Plan, a sixth ‘E’, Equity, is included in order to fulfill the goals and vision of this Plan.

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Pedestrian Plan Vision Statement

Mount Holly will

1. Promote walking as a healthy alternative.

2. Create an interconnected system of parks, open space, and trails to ensure that safe and accessible recreational facilities are available to all, air and water quality are protected, plant and animal species are protected, and historic and cultural places are preserved and accessible.

3. Be a vibrant, friendly, and walkable city for people of all ages.

4. Provide safe and attractive pedestrian connections for residents and visitors to access local and regional destinations, including retail areas, schools, and parks; to explore requiring new development to construct pedestrian-friendly amenities that add value to the entire community, including sidewalks, street trees, pedestrian scale lighting, and greenways.

5. Be a walkable and safe community that embraces Complete Streets.

6. Educate city residents on the benefits of being a walkable community with greenways, trails and pedestrian facilities.

7. Create gateways into the community in key locations along Highway 27, Highway 273, and Mountain Island Lake.

8. Prioritize an action plan for implementation of the recommendations of the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Sidewalk Recommendations

Sidewalk Recommendations The recommended sidewalks aim to expand upon the existing network of sidewalks to provide a continuous system that connects destinations along roadways. To complete the sidewalk network along existing streets, special emphasis should be given to completing sidewalk gaps and providing sidewalks on routes serving major pedestrian destinations. A list of the top 10 projects is presented in the Priority Sidewalk Recommendations table below:

Sidewalks with Examples

Intersection and Crossing Improvements

The consultant team evaluated pedestrian safety and accessibility at key intersections in Mount Holly. A summary of the recommended improvements for each of the intersections evaluated is presented in the Intersection Recommendations Summary table below. The majority of intersections that were evaluated are in need of new and/or retrofitted pedestrian crossing facilities , including new or enhanced pedestrian markings, signals, ADA ramps, and/or improved sidewalks.

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