Planning Department

Planning Department

  • Planning & Development

    Welcome to the Planning and Development Department. The City of Mount Holly Planning & Development Department engages citizens in an ongoing dialogue about Mount Holly’s future and plays a central role in guiding the long-term development

    • Planning

      Welcome to the Planning Division of the Planning and Development Department. Planning is a multifaceted part of city government that involves the processes of developing public policy and plans that forecast future growth in an area

      • Transportation Planning

        "As we grow, we will develop a safe and expanded transportation network while promoting active living through walking, biking, and other recreational opportunities." This quote can be found in Mount Holly's Vision Statement, and it reflects

      • Strategic Vision Plan

        Mount Holly's community values are reflected in our vision for our city's future. Our values and vision form the basis of our goals. Together, our values, vision and goals are the Strategic Vision Plan for Mount

      • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

        Geographical Information Systems Welcome to the City of Mount Holly's GIS Department. GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is a vital part of the City of Mount Holly's Planning and Development Department. Mount Holly's GIS Department was created in

      • Planning Commission | Board of Adjustment

        PLANNING COMMISSION & ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT (BOA) The Planning Commission is an advisory body made up of nine (9) members appointed by the Mount Holly City Council. Eight of the nine members reside in the

      • Ordinances

        Zoning Ordinance The Zoning Ordinance of the City of Mount Holly, North Carolina is available for download in PDF format by clicking on the links in the "Downloadable Documents" section at the right of this page.

    • Zoning

      Welcome to the Zoning Division of the Planning and Development Department. The zoning of a property is a designation that specifies how a piece of property can be used within a city. Zoning districts are created

    • Code Enforcement

      Welcome to the Code Enforcement Division of the Planning and Development Department The Code Enforcement Division enforces city-wide ordinances found in the City of Mount Holly Code of Laws. Responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Division include

    • Economic Development
  • Planning Projects

    Here you will find information on past, current, and future planning projects of the City of Mount Holly. Use the links below to access and review the latest information about these projects. Each project lists a

    • Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

      Introduction | Overview In 2012, the City was awarded a matching grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Bicycle and Pedestrian Division. The Plan was adopted in August of 2013, and it identifies infrastructure

    • Bike Mount Holly
    • Comprehensive Land Use Plan

      Comprehensive Land Use Plan Description: The goal of this plan is to forecast, to direct, and to manage growth in a way that will help the City of Mount Holly continue to grow into a vibrant,

    • Mountain Island Park Trail Extension

      In 2018, the City opened a one-mile natural surface trail extension from the existing Mountain Island Park south along the Catawba River.  The one-way greenway segement in 1.6 miles in length providing visitors with an

    • Downtown Park Feasibility Study

      Downtown Park Feasibility Study Coming out of the last phase of the Strategic Vision Plan Update, City Council authorized staff to carry forth a Downtown Park Feasibility Study which would determine whether the City should look

    • Bike / Pedestrian Crossing over Catawba River

      Title of Project: Feasibility Study for Bike/Pedestrian Crossing over the Catawba River Description: NCDOT and the City have partnered to further analylze options for improving non-vehicular crossing of the Catawba River.  The outcome of the study

    • Mountain Island Park Bike Trails

      MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS AT MOUNTAIN ISLAND PARK The City entered into an agreement with the Tarheel Trailblazers in order for them to build mountain bike trails adjacent to the Mountain Island Park Trail extension. These trails

    • Belmont - Mount Holly Road Sidewalk

      Belmont-Mount Holly Road Sidewalk Project Description: The City is working on designing and ultimately constructing a 5-foot wide sidewalk along one side of the road from Margarette Avenue to the gas station at Belmont Abbey College.

    • Parks and Recreation Master Plan

      Parks & Recreation Master Plan Project Description: Inventory and summarize the City of Mount Holly current parks, facilities, and programs. Forecast out for the City of Mount Holly's future recreational needs with a consideration on growth

    • Imagery Development

      { page under construction }

    • River Park Development

      { page under construction }

    • Mount Holly Greenway System | Catawba River Corridor Plan

      CATAWBA RIVER CORRIDOR PLAN In early 2007, the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation funded a greenway master plan, aptly named the Catawba River Corridor Plan.  The chosen consultant, Greenways Incorporated, then worked with key Foundation members and City

  • Jonathan Wilson

    Planning Project Manager
    Phone (704) 951-3014
    Email Jonathan Wilson

    Brian DuPont

    Assistant Planning Director
    Phone (704) 951-3009
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    Greg Beal

    Economic Development Coordinator
    Phone (704) 951-3012
    Fax (704) 827-5672
    Email Greg Beal

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