Public Utilities

Public Utilities

  • Public Utilities

    Utilities Field Operations Water Distribution & Sewer Collection Systems Mount Holly's Field Operations is responsible for the maintenance, installation and repair of public water distribution and public sewer line systems. The City of Mount Holly is

    • Customer Service and Utility Billing
    • Water and Sewer Treatment

      Water Treatment Plant The City of Mount Holly Water Treatment Facility was built in 1983 and is designed to treat up to 6 million gallons per day drawing its water from Mountain Island Lake. Water is

      • Fats, Oils & Grease Program

        In an ongoing effort to curb sanitary sewer overflows and maintain our low water and sewer rates in the City of Mount Holly, we ask you to please follow a few simple steps to help us

      • Backflow/Cross Connection Program

        The purpose of the Backflow/Cross Connection Program and Backflow Cross Connection Control Ordinance is to: Protect the public potable water supply from contamination or pollution by containing within the consumer's internal distribution system or private water

    • Stormwater

      • Public Education & Outreach

        Every time it rains, stormwater is carried directly to our surface waters. That means that stormwater pollution can have detrimental effects to our creeks, ponds, and the Catawba River into which it drains. Stormwater can carry

      • Public Participation & Involvement

        Storm Water Committee (SWC) Charter Purpose The Storm Water Committee is a citizen organization formed to support good water quality practices by promoting education and awareness of the citizens and the local businesses about storm water

      • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

        Illicit connections are defined as "illegal and/or improper connections to storm drainage systems and receiving waters." Illicit discharges can be categorized as either direct or indirect. Examples of direct illicit discharges: sanitary wastewater piping that is

      • Development & Runoff Control

        Construction Site Runoff Control The City of Mount Holly has the objective to reduce and eliminate construction site erosion and sediment.  To best ensure this, Mount Holly has an agreement with Gaston County to administer and

      • Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

        Setting a good example The City of Mount Holly conducts numerous activities that can pose a possible threat to water quality if practices and procedures are not in place to prevent pollutants from entering the drainage

    • Public Utilities FAQs
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