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City Council Meeting - April 2019

The City Council meets at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Monday of every month. Meetings are open to the public and are held at City Hall, 400 East Central Ave. Meeting's Agenda: April 8, 20197:00 P.M....

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Does the City of Mount Holly enforce Minimum Housing regulations?

The City of Mount Holly Code Enforcement Division does enforce Minimum Housing regulations.  Please refer to the Minimum Housing section on the Code Enforcement page for more information....

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Is the accumulation of garbage, rubbish, refuse items on the premises of a property a violation?

A person my not store garbage, rubbish, refuse items, which includes household items, such as furniture, in the open air outside of their home per Chapter 8 of the City Code....

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When are weeds/grass considered too high?

The uncontrolled growth of weeds, grass or vines, to a height of twelve (12) inches or more within one hundred (100) feet of any residence or business is considered a violation of Chapter 8 of the...

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Can I keep livestock at my home?

Per Chapter 3 of the City Code, no person shall keep or maintain any cows, horses, goats, sheep or fowl within five hundred (500) feet of any street or residence, other than the residence of the...

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How is zoning enforced?

Once the Zoning Office receives a complaint, a Zoning Official will investigate the alleged violation within 1-3 days. If a violation is detected, a Notice of Violation letter is sent via certified mail to the property...

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How do I report a zoning violation?

Please contact the Zoning department (Brian DuPont at 704-951-3009 or Jonathan Wilson at 704-951-3014) and give the Zoning Official the address and a detailed description of the nature of the violation. Please include details such as...

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Can I propose an amendment or change to the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance or City Code?

An amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and/or City Code, can be initiated by City staff at the direction of City Council.  If the text amendment involves the Zoning and/or Subdivision Ordinance, two public hearings...

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