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Recycling Fee Adjustment

Mount Holly Citizens to Expect Recycling Fee Adjustment in August Water BillMount Holly, NC – Mount Holly citizens will see an increase in their recycling fee in the next water bill, due to a change in the...

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POSTED: April 24, 2018 Notice is hereby given that the City of Mount Holly has posted a copy of the proposed City of Mount Holly System Development Fee analysis. The City is soliciting comments from the public on...

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Can I build a home or other structure in a floodplain?

Prior to any man made activity in the 100 year floodplain, the owner must obtain a Floodplain Development Permit (FDP). Floodplain Development Permits are issued for new construction of homes, accessory buildings and fences, and the...

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What constitutes a “public nuisance”?

A public nuisance can be classified to be the uncontrolled growth of grass; accumulation of animals or vegetable matter that is offensive by virtue of odor or vapors or which is inhabited by rodents, snakes, or...

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When is a car considered to be a Nuisance Motor Vehicle?

A vehicle on public or private property that is determined and declared to be a health or safety hazard, a public nuisance, and unlawful, including a vehicle found to be: A breeding ground or harbor for...

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Who do I call if I notice major water leaks?

Call: 704-951-3015 or 704-822-2939 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday). After hours call: 704-822-2928 or 704-827-4261....

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If I purchase a home, how soon can I get city water and sewer services?

If the home is connected, average response time is same day of request. Call 704-827-3943....

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Why is my water bill higher than normal?

Increase in water usage - If your usage is the same as normal, check for leaking toilets, sinks, or pipes. Be sure to check pipes under cabinets, crawl spaces, and look for moist areas within your...

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