Mount Holly Streets

Streets and Sidewalks

The City of Mount Holly is comprised of a road system of over 101 miles of paved roads and 33 miles of sidewalks. Mount Holly is responsible for maintenance and repairs on 67 miles of roads, 33 miles of sidewalks, right-of-way maintenance and street sign maintenance. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is responsible for the maintaining the remaining 35 miles of roads. More than $145 million in funding was expended in 2013 to assist municipalities pay for road projects across North Carolina, courtesy of North Carolina Department of Transportation's State Street Aid funds.

Powell Bill Fund

The State Street Aid funding, more commonly known as the Powell Bill Fund, comes from revenue generated by the state gas tax and highway user fees. NCDOT distributed $145.6 million to 507 separate municipalities in 2013.

NCDOT requires that Powell Bill funds be expended only for the purposes of maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing or widening of any street or public thoroughfare within the municipal limits or for planning, construction, and maintenance of bikeways, greenways or sidewalks.

The Powell Bill Fund was created in 1951 and has since allocated $3.8 billion to various North Carolina municipalities. A formula, created by the North Carolina General Assembly, determines how much municipalities receive from this funding. According to the formula, about 75 percent of the funds are awarded based on population, while 25 percent are based on the municipalities' street miles. Various city departments all play a key role in the development of our highway projects.

Pavement Condition Survey

We utilize a database known as a Pavement Condition Survey. This is a listing of the information about all the city maintained roads in our community. From length and width, sidewalks & curbs, condition of asphalt, known failures and impending problems. These are then rated with a numerical score what plays an important part in when it is to be resurfaced.

We use these tools along with citizen input to determine how to effectively use our Powell Bill funding. Mt Holly does an annual resurfacing project and will renew several miles of roadways per year. We work closely with NCDOT and are often their eyes in the city. While we are aware of potholes or road failure issues on state routes we do not perform the repairs ourselves and have to rely on the NCDOT to schedule the repairs on their 35 miles of roads.

Street, Sidewalk or Street Sign Repairs

To report street, sidewalk or street sign repairs, please contact (704) 827-9726.

Tony Walker

Director of Streets and Solid Waste and Fleet Management
Phone (704) 827-9726

David Clark

Deputy Streets & Solid Waste Director
Phone (704) 827-9726

Elliott Pettus

Supervisor Streets and Solid Waste
Phone (704) 827-9726

Shane Jones

Mechanic-Fleet Maintenance
Phone (704) 827-9726

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